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A world where every person and every business can thrive and live a life in full prosperity, sovereignty & abundance because everything is possible in the digital world. A world where everyone can be free.

The world is changing, rapidly. Its called the digital transformation to WEB 3.0. Within 5-10 years everyone and everything who isn’t (partially) active in WEB 3.0 will lose his/her or its relevance. Every product, every service, every business, every person even, is somehow linked to or is a part of something digital. A part of or completely made of code. This could be a NFT, this could be a decentralized application, this could be that you are part of the so called metaverse or this could mean that your finance is independent of the Bitcoin network, cryptocurrencies and/or stablecoins. It could literally mean anything! The truth is, we simply don’t know how the world looks like in about 10 years. But what we do know is that it is going to be completely different than what you know of it now. We are already living in the exponential age and, we predict, that everyone and every business who gets into this space now can create, see & seize new chances, can create more wealth and eventually become (or stay) more relevant. You have to act now.
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We guide you and your business during this transition to a fully digital world while the tokenization of everything is taken place.

Our mission is to make sure you profit from the digital transformation during this exponential age. The tokenization of everything. The future when code is law. When everything of value is somehow connected to something digital. You have to be in here, in this space, on time, and we are the ones that help you get there. We guide you on this path to personal freedom, sovereignty and happiness. We help you to be there early so you and or your business will maximize all its opportunities.


Our Directors ensure governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight.

Marc, Founder & CEO

Meet Marc—with a unique history of studying psychology, poker, and performing sales on high levels, he eventually ended up with a curious eye for the world of money. He dove into traditional investing and even surfed the wild waves of "shitcoins" in the crypto space. But it was the wake-up call of the 2020 pandemic that really opened his eyes to the true power governments wield and how little control individuals have over their financial destiny. The broken fiat currencies within the traditional financial system and the rampant scams, lies, and rug-pulling in the crypto space lit a fire within him, driving his unwavering enthusiasm for 100% Bitcoin.

Fueled by this newfound awareness and his connection with a company called Awake Origins, Marc embarked on a remarkable spiritual journey, selling everything and traveling the globe with his family for nearly three years. Along the way, he couldn't help but ponder some big questions about money, economics, and global wealth disparities. These musings eventually led him to the fascinating world of Bitcoin, a place he's never looked back from. Today, Marc dedicates his time to helping folks and businesses seamlessly integrate Bitcoin into their daily lives, all while continuing his global adventures.

Frank, Founder & CEO

Frank is a typical "know it all" kind of guy. When he likes something, he wants to know literally everything about it. In 2019, crypto became his thing. He started to find out what this space was all about and how he could make money with it. Pretty soon it became clear that it wasn't really about making money quick, it was something way bigger. Frank is working as a Director in the Recruitment business in the Netherlands. Working himself up on the corporate ladder, he learned a lot of great skills that you need when setting up a company. Because of his leadership he knows what it takes to create a (warm) community and he understands what it takes, but more importantly, what it brings to connect with people. This is the main reason why he co-founded Crypto Unseen!

Fosse, Founder & CTO

Fosse is a developer his entire life. Some would say he already started programming while he was still in his mothers belly. If its code, he knows. As a CTO of multiple companies & start ups Fosse ended up working at a company in the traditional finance, again as CTO. The funny thing is, the moment when he became interested in the whole crypto space he saw all kinds of opportunities for traditional finance but for the non-traditional finance (DeFI) as well! This made him realize that with this knowledge he probably could play a vital part in changing the world for a lot of people and companies. When he heard about the idea of what Crypto Unseen wanted to create during this transition to the digital age he was convinced about his own role for the future and stepped up and co-founded this company.