Mission statement

We help individuals & businesses to better understand money through financial & Bitcoin education. We constantly research the global economy, geo-politics & Bitcoin space for you so that you can safely get to the other side, and probably even benefit, during this global financial reset. It truly is our mission to help every individual & business to grossly benefit from what is called “the digital age”. In order to be able to do that, you must find a way to transact with others more easy, faster & cheaper and, besides that, allocate your funds to assets that hold & grow their value through time & space. Well, we know which way..

Become aware

Let's be honest. Life exist out of innumerable opportunities that you don’t even see. Let alone be aware of. We make sure you will be fully aware of everything that is coming your way so that you only have to do what you are good at. Understand that the current financial system is broken, Bitcoin is our chance to fix this.

Be fully equipped for the future

To become fully equipped for the future you have to learn certain things. The world is rapidly changing and the story goes it will only go faster from here. The accelerating technology is transforming the way we live and how we do business. We are really in the transition to the exponential (digital) age. You have to get to know at least the basics of this whole space so you don’t become irrelevant…

Be on time

The hardest part is that it all goes so fast. We all know how it is, the moment your friend or neighbor says something to you about an idea or small success they have exploited we instantly feel FOMO as if we already arrived late to the party. We make sure you will be on time for whatever is coming our way so you can make sure you don’t miss this party ;)

Become part of something bigger

There is only so much you can do on your own. Imagine what you can do together! The whole idea of creating this community is so you all can learn and thrive together. You even might do business with each other. Point is, our community is there for you so that you don’t have to do this alone. This “thing” is way bigger than ourselves, so lets unite and become something bigger ourselves too…

Feel the energy

Energy isn’t something that you use or waste, nor is it something you can create. Energy is always there. Energy is an abundance life source, you just have to ride the wave (yes since recently I can call myself a surfer). This energy is present in our groups and all of our communication so that you only have to feel the energy that is already there so that it can lift you up. You will need this energy so it can do the heavy lifting during this transition.

Be happy & making (A LOT OF) fun

People don’t seem to like too much change in their lives. They like it to stay the same as much as possible. But the reality is that it is changing, if you like it or not. And it is happening fast!! The sooner you accept this fact, the more time we can spend on enjoying while it lasts. And, I mean seriously, we are going to make this one hell of a fun ride. So the sooner you join, the more fun you will have. That’s a promise.

It really is a matter of relevance, either you are or you aren’t...

 Marc, Founder & CEO


Crypto Unseen Community

This Crypto Unseen Community is for anyone who wants to be financially ready before we transition from the old financial system to the new financial system. Financial & Bitcoin education that leads you to more prosperity, wealth & happiness..

  • Weekly updates (projects, market conditions, opportunities)
  • Your own digital environment (courses, portfolio’s, updates)
  • Community advantages
  • Sunday report (written, every week)
  • Telegram group (invitation only)
  • Live discussion sessions with Marc


We provide training for individuals & companies to educate them about the future of money (Bitcoin) and how it will change the way we live our lives & do business. Personal finance, corporate finance, global trade & sales will never be the same when we have entered the final stages of current developments

  • The Why, What & How of Bitcoin
  • Financial education: The history & future of money
  • Personal Bitcoin onboarding
  • Corporate Bitcoin onboarding

Crypto Unseen Special

I’m sorry, but this service isn’t for everyone. This only is for you when you realize it takes time, effort and money to change the world with us. In this particular case we guide you one on one so you definitely create your own new chances for yourself and your business while using all the available technologies and intelligence.

  • Intake with Fosse & Marc
  • Roadmap how to improve your business
  • Personal development plan for yourself and/or your business
  • Potential cooperation during plan execution

Get involved

A personal message

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony

— M. Gandhi

I don’t think we have ever seen something like this. The minute you think you’ve caught up to the latest news & projects, there is already something new around the corner.

This space, Web 3.0, is developing and changing so rapidly that even the most sophisticated entrepreneurs in this space aren’t capable of keeping up. The trick is to find out where the hidden gems are and what new ideas really are worth your time to explore.

What do we really need as a species? What do you really need to know to transform your life or your business?

We like to do this for you. So you can keep focusing on your own work, your own business and the happiness of you and your loved ones. Everybody should do what he or she is good at, what is giving you energy, what is making you happy, so that you can live in harmony. But that shouldn’t mean that you get left behind.


So let us take you on this journey. The only thing you have to do is take action and reach out, we will do the rest. You can sit back, relax and just enjoy the ride.

I truly believe that we are changing the world here. We are empowering each and everyone in our community during this time what is probably going to be the greatest wealth transfer we have ever seen.

You have to make sure you will be part of this.

See you on the other side!


Founder & CEO Crypto Unseen

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