Mission statement

We help individuals & businesses to better understand money through financial & Bitcoin education. We constantly research the global economy, geo-politics & Bitcoin space for you so that you can safely get to the other side, and probably even benefit, during this global financial reset. It truly is our mission to help every individual & business to grossly benefit from what is called “the digital age”. In order to be able to do that, you must find a way to transact with others more easy, faster & cheaper and, besides that, allocate your funds to assets that hold & grow their value through time & space. Well, we know which way..

Prepare for the Future

To be ready for the future, you must learn new skills. The world is changing rapidly, and this pace will only increase. Accelerating technology is transforming our lives and businesses. We're transitioning into the exponential digital age. Understanding the basics of this space is essential to stay relevant.

Become Aware

Life is full of unseen opportunities. We help you become fully aware of what's coming so you can focus on what you do best. Understand that the current financial system is broken. Bitcoin is our chance to fix it.

Be On Time

Things move quickly, and it's easy to feel like you've missed out when you hear about others' successes. We ensure you're prepared for what's coming, so you won't miss the next big opportunity.

Become Part of Something Bigger

There's only so much you can achieve alone. Imagine what you can do together! Our community is designed for collective learning and growth. You might even find business opportunities with each other. Join us, and let's unite to become something greater than ourselves.

Feel the Energy

Energy isn't used or wasted; it's always present. You just need to tap into it. This energy flows through our groups and communications, ready to lift you up. Embrace it to help you navigate this transition.

Be Happy & Have Fun

People often resist change, preferring stability. But change is inevitable and happening fast! Accepting this sooner means more time to enjoy the journey. We're making this an incredibly fun ride. Join us now, and the fun starts immediately. That's a promise.

It really is a matter of relevance, either you are or you aren’t...

 Marc, Founder & CEO


Become a member!

Join the Crypto Unseen Community* to be financially prepared for the transition from the old financial system to the new one. Gain financial and Bitcoin education that brings you prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

  • Weekly updates on projects, market conditions, and opportunities
  • Access to a digital environment with courses, portfolios, and updates
  • Exclusive community benefits
  • Weekly Sunday report
  • Invitation-only Telegram group
  • Live discussion sessions with Marc

*Available in English & Dutch


Become a PREMIUM member!!

This is the group for members with a minimum budget of 100K to invest in Bitcoin, Precious Metals, Crypto, and Stocks. This next-level circle offers:

  • Quarterly mastermind sessions with other premium members
  • One-on-one guidance from Marc for your purchasing process, wallet structure, UTXO management, inheritance options, running a node, mining opportunities, privacy options, etc.
  • Customized action plan
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the year
  • Next-level investment opportunities

*Available in English & Dutch

Bitcoin for businesses

Are you a business owner or part of a company looking to adopt, buy, store, and/or accept Bitcoin? This involves a learning process! We offer:

  • Introduction meeting (digital or in-person)
  • Identifying needs and opportunities
  • Customized action plan
  • Support in education (through workshops and training)
  • The right tools and exchanges
  • Setting up a secure wallet structure
  • Discussing technical, financial, and tax matters (this part includes partners)

*Available in English & Dutch

High quality knowledge

Marc’s Crypto Unseen community aims to share high quality knowledge and provide you with the financial education you need in the fast changing world. I am delighted to be a part of this international community, not only for the recreational and networking opportunities, but also for the social aspect.

Jurgen Spoor
Director of Working Spirit

Great community manager

Marc is a great community manager, who knows how to keep people interested in the history of money.
By his research he describes scenarios where the world is going to and what you can do to stay away from the high rates of inflation that is among us the last years.
Marc is always open for feedback and had broad knowledge about several assets that you can invest into to make your life better in the long run.

Job Willems
Owner Great Job Recruitment

A Gift for everyone

Marc simplifies the complexities of macroeconomics for all to understand. His keen analytical skills enable him to forecast future events, allowing members to prepare for what lies ahead.

A gift for everyone.

Robbie van den Oetelaar
Director ERA Real Estate
/ PropertEye

Enormous added value

Last year, I came across Marc’s podcast, the “Marc my words show,” and from there I became a member of the Crypto Unseen Community. This has been an enormous added value. Marc has deep knowledge of the financial system, which provides me with the tools to invest correctly and, most importantly, in the right assets.

In my opinion, the small annual investment is more than worth it. I plan to remain a member of this growing community for many years to come!

Chris Ruijsch
Owner In2-jobs

Knows his business

Marc knows his business and is able to communicate on it in a profound AND understandable way. I joined his community 1.5 years ago and it has brought me a lot. Not only the basics concerning investing, Bitcoin and crypto currencies, but also the big picture. He does his research on the financial world every single day of the week and keeps his community up to date. When things get hot, even in the middle of the night. Next to his professional skills he is also a very nice person, who takes the time to help out in personal calls to clarify if needed.

Tony Rook
Trainer & Writer

Money, economics, and Bitcoin

I can only describe Marc as the go-to person when it comes to money, economics, and Bitcoin (and… crypto). His vast knowledge and infectious energy help me understand the complex world of finance. And he makes it fun too. He explains complicated subjects in an understandable way, tells you exactly what you need to know, and delves deeper than the average MSM channel. This man teaches you everything you wish you had learned in school, immensely grateful for it! Keep it up, Marc 🙂

Lotte Niens
Founder phnx. the agency

Get involved

A personal message

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony

— M. Gandhi

I don’t think we have ever seen something like this. The minute you think you’ve caught up to the latest news, there is already something new around the corner.

This space, Bitcoin, is developing and changing so rapidly that even the most sophisticated entrepreneurs can’t keep up. The trick is to find out where the hidden gems are and what new ideas are really worth your time to explore.

What do we really need as a species? What do you really need to know to transform your life or your business?

We like to do this for you so you can keep focusing on your own work, your own business, and the happiness of you and your loved ones. Everyone should do what they are good at, what gives them energy, what makes them happy, so that they can live in harmony. But that shouldn’t mean you get left behind.


So let us take you on this journey. The only thing you have to do is take action and reach out, we will do the rest. You can sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride.

I truly believe that we are changing the world here. We are empowering everyone in our community during what is probably going to be the greatest wealth transfer we have ever seen. Financial education is crucial during the end of a long-term debt cycle, and understanding Bitcoin is key to navigating this transition.
Make sure you are part of this.

See you on the other side!

Family man, Bitcoin expert & founder of Crypto Unseen

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