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Learn everything there is to know about the global financial system, history of money & Bitcoin so you will be able to benefit grossly from the financial reset that is coming..

We have made this simple video that shows you in no more than 5 minutes what you will find if you join our Crypto Unseen Community. To be honest, for now there is only one truly successful invention: Bitcoin. So we teach you everything you need to know about the why, what & how of Bitcoin. But, there is and will be more.

    " What I really love about this community is how Marc is capable to explain everything so plain & simple that even my grandmother could understand it. Besides that, he is doing it with a lot of humor as well! "

    — S. Duppen

    " The energy & positivity in this community is amazing!! Ever since I started this journey with Crypto Unseen I’ve learned so much about the financial system and the role that cryptocurrencies can play in this new system they are building. It is all truly inspiring and I’m happy to be a part of it "

    — K. Polderman

    Dear friend,

    Imagine this
    In a couple of years from now the world has changed significantly.
    Multiple currencies have collapsed, almost everything of any value that you know has been digitalized completely and the world has a new form of leadership.

    What would you think of this?
    What would you do if it was your currency that has collapsed or not you favorite leadership that is in control then?
    Where would you like to live and how much money would you need for that?

    How do you want your life to be in about 3-5 years? Have you even considered these questions and how you are going to make sure that you create the life you want?

    That is what we do here. In this community.

    Yes. Of course. It’s all about Bitcoin & Crypto. But it’s also, constantly, about the global economic environment and how this affects us and our way of living.
    So for us, it is all about personal freedom, sovereignty & happiness.

    And for that, you need money. A money that actually works and does not looses value over time. A money that you can trust and can’t be inflated away beyond your control.
    Without true, honest, decentralized and scarce money, it is next to impossible to be in control completely because everything you have worked for can be taken away from you by banks and/or governments.

    That’s why you should study and learn about Bitcoin now. And yes, when this one and only true invention within cyberspace finds it ways to other products, besides money, as well, we will see a lot of value creation in other industries as well.

    Resulting in certain projects and layer 2 scalings solutions. In other words, companies that make the world a better place by profiting from this invention. And we will be here, waiting for that to happen so that our whole community can profit when this happens. Not if. When…

    But NO, it won’t be easy and you will not get rich quick. You will grow as a person, financially aware and, with a low enough time preference, you will get rewarded.

    So yes, you should decide to join our community because it is so much more fun to do this together than alone.

    The ride, next 5-10 years, is going to be bumpy since the “old powers” are not going to give up easily. So the more you learn about true fundamental value, the more relax you can stay once you are in position 🙂

    Yes I’m interested! Tell me more..


    We are not financial advisors, everything is for educational purposes only.

    01 Weekly Written Global Market Overview

    This weekly overview is, of course, all about the global economy & geo-politics. All those things are influencing (basic) human psychology of investors all around the world. So, we keep a close eye on all that is happening and how this influences asset prices that we believe in. We share everything that WE do with regard to Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Stocks, Currencies & Crypto, but that doesn’t mean you should do it too. The whole point is to educate you so that you can decide for yourself, but in here, WE provide the research..

    02 Weekly Video Market Update

    Besides the written newsletter, we create at least one piece of video content per week as well. This means it will be us talking to you about everything that has happened and will probably will happen. Why? Because a lot is way more easy to explain to you with visuals. Think about charts, graphs, tables and lists. We dive into prices but also discuss all the news that the central bankers around the world create in order to share probable and possible scenarios so we all can act accordingly once we have done our own research as well.

    03 Deep Dive Videos

    Every other week we pick, together with you, a project, topic or situation on which we will be doing a deep dive in. This could be anything that is of any value to our community. But, be open to the truth! A lot of members like to learn about new crypto projects right until they hear us say it might not be a good/honest project, lol. Look, we do deep and objective research but you will also hear our opinion on it (which is of course biased and subjective because, well, we are human). Our community loves these deep dives a lot because you get to really learn what Bitcoin & Crypto is all about and how you, as a person or business, can actually profit from it.

    04 Invitation to PAID Telegram group

    This if of course where a lot of other magic happens! This is the place where we share news, sudden actions or ours and other statements that can not wait until the newsletter or video. That being said, this is also the spot where you can react and communicate with us and other community members!! So yes, we are happy to offer this as well!


    Yes, yes, yes, of course!!! Besides the fact that we organize free monthly training sessions about the Why, What & How of Bitcoin to make sure the world wakes up to this major invention, we also do live events only for our community. We do live events as well. Live training, live discussions and/or live Q&A. So a live training about a certain topic can take place every month. It depends on the wants and needs of our community of course but we do at least once a month so that everyone is in the position to ask us questions about anything!


    Think about technical analyses, our portfolio, our thought on gold, silver & equities. Every week we share the actions we take in order to profit from the knowledge we have learn. When you do 3-4 hours per day of research, like we do, you learn a lot. And, you know, to know something is 1 thing, right? But to actually then use this knowledge and do something is another. We think it is really important to actually show you want we are doing instead of what we are saying. So you will find all about this as well!!
    Yes I want to join! Tell me more..!


    About the why, what & how of Money, Bitcoin & Crypto

    Show me where I can sign up for the FREE training

    We, at Crypto Unseen, understand what you need to succeed in life.
    It’s not only about money and getting rich, it is about mindset, having a vision and happiness. About human psychology, your own psychology.

    So it all comes down to the question:

    Who am I?

    Because if you find the true answer to the question it becomes so easy to actually understand what is it that you need to become successful on your own terms so that you can create whatever you want

    Look, money is nothing more than a tool.
    A useful tool.
    So it is important that this tool is not broken (like fiat)
    And, that you know how to use it.

    We see enormous opportunities that have arrived with the invention of Bitcoin and the ongoing process of the creation of a new internet (web3.0). Is everything going to be build on Bitcoin or will there be other projects who are going to play a role in this too?

    No one knows exactly. But what we do know is we will be there, standing on the sidelines, to let you know what will happen whenever we do.

    Like we said earlier, 3-4 hours research per day, trust me, we will be on time 🙂

    Join us on our journey!