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Act now and reserve your spot, without any commitments or obligations, at our 100% free training about Bitcoin & Crypto (worth $ 529,-). Now, more than ever, you need to be able to formulate an answer to the question What is money? and why we, as a species, might be in desperate need of a new form of money. Before you do ANY investing in Bitcoin or Crypto, you need to be attending this training to learn what both asset classes are and why Bitcoin is not Crypto and vice versa.

27th of June

19:30 CET / 13:30 AST

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    Reserve your spot now.. we only have a few spots left!

    " What I really love about this community is how Marc is capable to explain everything so plain & simple that even my grandmother could understand it. Besides that, he is doing it with a lot of humor as well! "

    — S. Duppen

    Here a short overview of what we are going to discuss and which questions you will get answer to..

    The global reserve currency:

    Why do we have one and what does it mean for me?

    You might have heard about the term “global reserve currency” and you even might know what this does to an economy, or you don’t. Either way you will find out what it means for the whole world that the United States Dollar is the global reserve currency and that this wasn’t always the case…


    Our global monetary system:

    How does it work? And.. does it actually work?

    For these questions we go a little more back in time, because, how can you say if it works if we actually don’t have any comparison? Right, we need to know how our global monetary system works and has worked in the past. When we do, we are going to check out where all the other global reserve currencies went wrong and why this is probably going to happen again…
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    Why is everyone talking about bitcoin and what is it?

    Yes, this might be the most important chapter that you will ever come across in your life. We actually dive deep into what Bitcoin is and why it is NOT what you thought it would be. I can already tell you what it is not! It’s not a “company”, not a “tech asset”, not a “regular crypto currency” and not an “expensive investment opportunity”, in fact, it is the complete opposite…
    You do want to be paying attention on this one…


    What about all the other Crypto projects? What do I need to know before I can invest? How do I start?

    To make this absolutely clear, we are NO financial advisors and therefore this training is for educational purposes only. That being said, we dive deep into what crypto actually is and what you need to know before acting in this space at all. Like we said, all the other crypto projects are a different asset class than Bitcoin and tries to accomplish different goals. Therefore it needs to be addressed differently and with a lot of caution and additional research.
    Reserve your spot at this free training now!

    " The energy & positivity in this community is amazing!! Ever since I started this journey with Crypto Unseen I’ve learned so much about the financial system and the role that cryptocurrencies can play in this new system they are building. It is all truly inspiring and I’m happy to be a part of it "

    — K. Polderman

    Reserve your spot now.. we only have a few spots left!


    Reserve your spot at the free 2 hour training about the Why, What & How of Bitcoin & Crypto (worth $529,-) now without any obligations and make sure you get all the answers you need so you can create a future for yourself full of abundance, sovereignty and prosperity totally for free!

    Be aware: During the last year we have experienced that this training isn’t actually for everyone. Why? Because I noticed, while doing all these digital trainings, that some people actually don’t want to know the truth about money and how they can “win” this game.

    Some prefer to find excuses about why some things will never work for them or just rather stay in the “unknown” about the current financial system. Why? Because it is way too scary for them to find out what is happening behind the scenes and why this might be really bad for the global economy, and, probably for you as well…

    That is…if you do nothing.

    The sooner you wake up and realize what is happening and, more importantly, why this all is happening, the sooner you can act..
    We want to share all our research so you not only become aware of the fact that the current financial system is changing rapidly, but you also learn how you can even benefit from this process by learning everything you you need to know about Bitcoin, in time!

    Trust me, when (not if) the world starts to wake up about what Bitcoin actually is, you will be too late to profit from it. Yes, of course, you can still profit from the groundbreaking technology as a user of the protocol, but can you also profit from the enormous wealth transfer that is currently going on?

    Exactly. No, you can not.

    So why do we do this for free? Simple, because we are really convinced of the quality from our research and this training that after this training, your life will be different and whenever you want to do something in this space and actually need something, you will think of us. Because after this session you will know, we always deliver…
    That’s the reason why we do this training, worth $ 529,-, completely for free!

    So here is what you need to do.

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    I’m really looking forward to seeing you there so that, together with the rest, we can start this journey of learning all we need to know about digital money, digital scarcity and the whole economy in digital cyberspace.

    Warm regards,

    Marc van Versendaal
    Co-Founder Crypto Unseen

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