Solution for what..?

The solution to freedom I would say. Ever since the pandemic started things were starting to change. It seems like a lot of governments all over the world believe they have to take a lot of freedom and rights to protect their nation. I don’t want to get into this now if this is right or wrong, I just want to share that it is happening.

Now the pandemic suddenly is sort of over, we are together in this new “thing”, namely the war between Russia and Ukraine. You can say anything you want about this war but the fact that countries all over the world collaborate and have the power to make sure that Russian citizens are being excluded of financial systems, professional sports, social media and even jobs in other countries like teachers, professors, trainers and owners is just unreal. I mean, should hard working citizens be punished by the actions of their governments? I leave this conclusion up to you but it really should scare you that this is even possible.

Just like that, you could be the next person that is being excluded from all sorts of things without doing anything wrong…

So yes, we do need a solution for stuff like this, in my honest opinion.


I’m not sure how well known you are in the current financial system and crypto space so I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. But the issue that we are dealing with in this case is centralization. Governments and companies all over the world are organized in a centralized manner. This effectively means that these type of organizations have one central organ that makes all the (end) decisions. This also means they have one single point of failure..

So, this means that one human or group of people in this organization can be punished, pressured or coerced into doing what the “officials” want them to be doing. So companies like Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Google, Amazone, Twitter, Mastercard, Visa, airports, militaries, the police, telephone & internet companies and, for example, all the major banks are structured like this. So, to say they can’t make their decisions completely on their own is an understatement to say the least.

All the companies that you work with or rely on to live in freedom, as in, use their services, are centrally planned and can be used against you if you don’t comply. So you might think, “Why not simply comply..?”, yes, that’s possible. But what if you truly don’t want to because you feel it isn’t the right thing? What if it IS bad? What if you can’t…?

All the companies I just named (and a LOT of others) are now, as we speak, put up against Russia. And no, not only to their dictator, but also against their hard working citizens. So for me, this is the second example, after the whole pandemic situation, that we are in desperate need of something different. Just an extra option to use certain services if they try to exclude and/or cancel you in any way that isn’t particularly fair…


That is where decentralization comes into play. Because of the revolutionary blockchain technology that was perfected in a decentralized manner with the inception of Bitcoin, now more and more companies are trying to replicate that so that it becomes a lot more difficult of being controlled by governments. Decentralized means nothing more than that the way in which the organization (or group of people) makes its decisions is distributed and/or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group. So, the more an organization is structured like that, the more freedom they have to make their own decisions. Because, how can you be coerced into doing anything if they don’t know who you are? If they don’t know where to look for you or if they don’t have the power to do so because 90% of the decision makers exists out of 1000 people and live all over the world?


Yes crypto could be our solution but no, it isn’t that simple. Just recently it became clear that platforms like Opensea and Metasmask, supposedly decentralized crypto platforms, aren’t as decentralized as they seemed. Even they were pressured into doing some stuff that their governments want them to do. It’s all a matter of how decentralized the projects really are, so before we are all too happy about this development it’s still very important to do a lot of research on that because a lot of crypto projects out there aren’t who they say they are. At least, not yet.

For now, I say this…
We are at the very beginning of this new space and a lot of projects still need to find their way in all of this madness (& potential power..).

But please trust me, decentralization is coming. Bitcoin will show us the way (and the rest will follow).