Live CUC Session: Is The Economic Tide Changing? (Dutch, no subtitles)

We did it again!! An amazing live session with lots of cool energy & vibrations.
But, more importantly, we have discussed all the major topics we need to know of right now to understand where the global economy is heading and how this is possibly affecting various asset prices.

Of course, we started with Bitcoin & lots of cryptos in the beginning of our community when we were still in bull market. But, as you very well know, this bull market ended abruptly which forced us to think differently and to adjust our mid-long term strategy. So, we did…

The year 2022 was mostly about defensive investing and, very important, getting fully educated about the global financial system so that we would be prepared when needed. I believe, this time has finally come..

The time to use all our research & education of the past year to finally truly profit & benefit from all of it. Again, like always, there are no certainties!!! Only probabilities. Therefore, this is NOT investment advice whatsoever since all situations are personal and we are not financial advisors. We are macro economic & geo-political researchers which helps us to understand the world where we are living in better.

In short, there is still a decent probability we have to play the defense for a while longer. So I make sure that I’m positioned for a scenario like that as well (I tell about this during the live session). However, the probabilities are increasing that liquidity comes into the market and so risk assets could outperform the more “slower” assets like Gold, Silver & Value Stocks. But, to get the full picture, watch it here…

Location: Digital (Zoom)
Time & date: 4th of July / 7:30 pm
Topic: Is there enough liquidity for short term movements in “risk” assets?

00:00 – Few question fellow members + intro
12:35 – Start presentation
17:48 – Recession postponed?
28:42 – Liquidity is still there..
38:50 – We’re sitting on RECORD amounts of cash
41:00 – Goud & Silver
49:30 – Bitcoin charts short term
01:08:18 – S&P 500 + dollar
01:14:25 – Bitcoin miners + companies
01:21:00 – Group talk/discussions/questions



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