Live CUC Session: Short Term Predictions + Growth/Value Stocks Picks! (Dutch)

Fellow members!!!

We did a live session again, in Dutch. Our English speaking members had the possibility to sign up for this event as well but since all the attendees were from The Netherlands we decided to do it in Dutch.

This session was all about how we all can improve our portfolio’s right now AND possibly after a severe credit event (prices down) and/or recession.
The “consensus” is that we are heading towards a severe recession so for you and I personally it’s going to be interesting how you are going to protect/grow your wealth during a period like that.

Well, that is exactly what we discussed today. With 10 members of the Crypto Unseen Community we discuss what we believe that is going to happen and which assets will be appropriate.


Date of recording: 2nd of May, 2023
Location: Digitally (Zoom)
Topic: Growth stocks, Value Stocks, Commodity producers & Hard monies (Bitcoin/Gold)

Time stamps:

00:00 – Member proposal round
08:00 – Start presentation (Marc)
11:00 – Inflation vs Disinflation vs Deflation
17:00 – FED’s balance sheet vs FED loans
27:45 – Banking-crisis 2023 (important!)
36:40 – Goud & counterparty risk
47:48 – Price assets vs Bitcoin
48:50 – Value vs Growth Stocks
52:53 – Start Community Discussion
01:08 – Growth + Value stock picks Marc
01:26 – Lightning network (Bitcoin)
01:38 – Bot Trader Possibility



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