Training: The Why, What & How of Money & Bitcoin

Training: The Why, What & How of Money & Bitcoin
Date: 3rd of May, 2023

For me personally it was the single most important thing to learn in my life: the answer to the question “What is money?”..
Turns out, almost no one understands money. Not a lot of humans really know why we invented money in the first place and definitely no one knows how the current financial system works and is structured.

In order to be able to understand why we have the current financial system that we have right now we have to start from scratch. And that is exactly what we did here during this live training.

We started with the creation of money and how this was, originally, a bottom up proces since humans needed it in order to evolve. Later on this became more & more centralized which made it a top down process (where we are right now).

The understanding of money is essential if you want to live a happy & wealthy live. Especially 3 things are important;

1. Your relationship with money (psychology & mindset)
2. The way money works (knowledge)
3. Where to store wealth & how to put your money to work (actions)

Want answers to these questions? Check out this training that we recorded!


00:00 – Introduction
02:30 – Start presentation
04:00 – Why did we invent money?
09:00 – What is money?
20:12 – All big empires fell, why?
43:06 – Let’s talk GOLD
52:38 – Time for Bitcoin
01:11 – Bitcoin’s performance
01:14 – Why Join our Community?
01:16 – Discussion with participants!



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