Training: The Why, What & How of Money & Bitcoin

The Why, What & How of Money & Bitcoin

Time: 8th of June, 2023
Location: Zoom

Today, we talk about the very important question: “What is money?”
And, inevitably, this question will lead us to different questions like:

1. Why did we invent money in the first place?
2. What should money do for us?
3. What makes a GOOD form of money?
4. What kind of money have we had & what do we have now?
5. How does the future of money look like?

All these question were answered during this amazing live training we did on the 8th of June 2023. Of course, when we discuss money this long, the medium Gold comes up as well. And it is exactly that medium that leads us eventually to discuss Bitcoin as well.

Please watch the training until the end because we had an interesting discussion with all the participants about various other topics that play a part in the world & the crypto industry right now! Think about the lawsuits against Binance, Coinbase & XRP but also the state of the current financial system (US banks?) & the geo-political landscape..


Ps. You can use the timestamps to fast forward to topics of your interest!

00:00 – Introduction (Marc van Versendaal) & my background
03:43 – Why did we invent money?
10:00 – What is money?
16:00 – Money was a bottom up process!
23:00 – Why did all empires fall (even on gold standard)?
30:00 – Change of power – Great Britain -> USA
35:15 – The dollar & its decline
47:30 – Gold (in Weimar Germany)
52:30 – China & Russia buying Gold
55:00 – Gold’s performance during crisis
1:01:40 – Bitcoin
1:12:45 – Bitcoin’s global adoption
1:19:35 – Assets priced in Bitcoin
1:24:30 – Want to join our community?
1:27:00 – Group discussion


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