Often when you enter a new market, or simply starting something new, you can feel overwhelmed.  It is difficult at first. You might start with asking yourself all kinds of questions like, where do I start? What is the least I need to know to begin? Why do I want to enter this new space? What can I do with it? Where can I find trustworthy information? Why am I doing this to myself?

All important questions indeed, but at least when you ask questions like these you start your journey with an open mind. But that really isn’t the question we come across most frequently. No. This one is…

Aren’t I already too late to enter the crypto space if even my 56 year old neighbor is talking about it?

If you ask yourself a question like this…

Well mate, join the club.

You can ask everyone you know that is already in there.

It doesn’t matter if you entered this space in 2019, 2016 or heck, even in 2012 when it was only possible to purchase bitcoins on illegal and shady exchanges, we all felt like we were already “late” to the party. Everyone hears and knows stories about how low all the prices have been in the past and how much money we could have made if we just were there sooner.

If I only had known about it 2-3 years earlier.

Jup. But you didn’t.

There is a famous Chinese saying that goes:

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now..”

Which simply means, you can still do things the right way, but you have to do them now. Now is the time to act because you simply didn’t in the past. Either because you didn’t know, or because you didn’t do. It doesn’t matter, all the matters is now.

So with all the guilt out of the way. Lets think about the question…

Are you too late to this specific party?
Are you too late to enter the crypto space and gain value out of it?


Do you have any idea what actually is going on?

Do you really believe that Bitcoin is going to stay around its current value?
Do you really think that there won’t be coming any new projects soon or in the near future?
Do you actually believe that this transformation to the digital age is almost at its end?

That we are almost done transitioning to this exponential age where each and every thing and/or person gets linked to something digital?

That there won’t be coming new NFT’s?
New DeFI platforms?
New stable coins?
New digital financial eco systems?

That the potential of the decentralized blockchains and other opportunities for businesses are already at its peak?

That everything stays the way it is now in 2022?

Oh man.
I hate to break it to you. But this space is going to rock your world. In fact, it will rock everyones world!
We, as the Crypto Unseen team, are actually in this space 24/7. And even we can hardly keep up with all the developments that are going on in this space. Even we have to “choose our battles”, “kill our darlings” and “focus on what matters”.


To think that you are late to the party is a bit like you saying you are done eating while we haven’t finished our appetizers yet.

No. The truth is, we are just getting started. If this space reaches its full potential (like we think it will) every person and every business will get affected by it. So it doesn’t matter if you want to enter this space as an investor, speculator, learner or as a businessman to make sure your business profits from this space, you are still on time.

Better yet, you are still early.
It IS still early.

So the question is actually not “am I too late?” but rather “Where & how do I start now?”.

My friend, we can help you with that…