You can read it like everywhere, isn’t it?

People, shouting barely related sentences to each other, online & offline, about how you have to be the one or the other.

It seems almost like I have to pick, otherwise, I don’t belong.


Bitcoin maximalists are telling everything (besides Bitcoin) is sh!t and/or a scam and why Bitcoin is the only thing that matters while others scream on the top of their lungs that Bitcoin is too slow and/or too old as a technology to be of any relevance in the future.

While it is sometimes a lot of fun to listen to people who actually believe they know everything and can predict the future, it is pretty stupid as well. And here is why…


Anyone who says Bitcoin is too slow, too old or too useless because it has no intrinsic value has probably NOT done the research. Like with a lot of things in life, people already have an opinion without knowing anything about it and actually only copy other critics that they have read in the news.

Because, if they had done the research, they would have probably found out that Bitcoin is so damn interesting BECAUSE it has no further purpose than just being a form of money. You really have to think hard for yourself, do you actually know what money is?

Why we use it?

What we would be without?

And, more importantly, what’s wrong with the money we use now?

If you will do the research you are probably going to find out that the money we use right now isn’t all that great. The money we use right now is losing value almost every second of the day and this is mainly because “money as we know it” has a central authority that can do everything they want with it. They can expand the money supply (which means your money looses value) but they also have the ability to tax you on whatever you have or buy whenever they want!! And if you think that is worse, think again because they can even freeze or seize your money whenever they think they need to do that. And don’t say that doesn’t happen ever, because it recently happened in Canada where the prime minister decided to freeze some bank accounts of the truckers who were protesting against the covid mandates.

Anyway, this is bad. They can do this because it is NOT YOUR MONEY. It’s at a bank, they own the keys to your bank account, they only “let you use” it. So, therefore, it’s not your money.

Bitcoin fixes this. Bitcoin fixes a lot more. But, because it’s uniquely decentralized (so without central authority) and has a fixed limited supply of 21 million and all written in code, it’s at least clear that nobody can fuck with your money.

It’s too much to dig deeper into Bitcoin for now but hopefully you do realize that Bitcoin does not need to be fast, does not need to be new or top of the art technology..

Bitcoin is just here to fix our money. So it has to be secure, censorship resistant, scarce, decentralized and a few other things as well like durable, portable, fungible, verifiable and divisible to be a good form of money.

And guess what? It’s all of those things!!

So please, do your research first before you say anything bad about Bitcoin. It is here to help you and your future property. Don’t hate because you don’t know it, it makes you sound like a grumpy old grandpa 😉


So. Now we figured this one out…

Why the hell does this mean that I should automatically hate everything else in the crypto space? I’m DIE HARD pro Bitcoin. Like, it’s the one asset I will hold forever.


Like I said earlier in this blog..

Shall we do research first before we throw anything else the comes around with the trash?

I mean, of course there are a lot of scammers out there who just want to make (a lot of) money by copying Bitcoin in some shape or form in a centralized way.

Of course they see what Bitcoin has done and want to jump on board of this trend and fool everyone who “missed out” on Bitcoin.

Everyone can see that. Well, everyone who does the research…

But, if you take a deeper look you also see that some projects are trying to realize completely other things. Things that we might need in the future. And since we all are for the free market, the market will sort itself out and decide what will succeed and what doesn’t.

Seriously, stop hating. They aren’t competing with Bitcoin!! There are a lot of new projects and most of them will die anyway, but some of them don’t. There will be a place for something else too. You know why?

Because we are human!

If one thing basic human psychology has taught me is that we are social creatures wanting to make fun while trying to fit in.

So if there is something that makes me enjoy my life more, make me feel special or makes me feel like I belong to some kind of group, it WILL add value to me!

We decide for ourselves what we need. Not Bitcoin maximalists. Bitcoiners don’t get to decide what people need. They decide for themselves! So if they like to buy NFT’s all day long because they see value in it, they will. If they like to transact in a DeFI project to make some extra money, they will. If they want to “live” in the metaverse and spend a lot of money on a collectible, they will. So if these “native coins” that projects come up with to make this possible and support this type of behavior, they will have value. Maybe not forever, but certainly in that moment.

The thing is, it doesn’t make Bitcoin any less valuable.

They are not competing.

Bitcoin will be the safe haven but this does not mean we can’t see value in all the rest.

People have spent their money on stupid shit since forever so that will not change now.

So be a bit more modest.
You don’t know how it is going to go.
You just don’t.

So, to be clear, I am PRO BITCOIN and I do like a few alts of which I am very interested in how they will develop and what kind of role they will play in the future.

So YES, I am invested in both.

Just saying 🙂