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We started the Bitcoin journey back in November 2022 to help anyone who is interested to truly grasp what Bitcoin is and how impactful & huge this new invention really is.

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This month I want to talk about freedom.

To me, it seems that it’s beginning to get more and more likely that certain freedoms we’ve always had during our lifetimes might disappear in the near future.

It doesn’t require much research and some awareness to find some examples, they are literally everywhere. So, what am I talking about here?

Censorship on social media accounts, cancel culture in big media companies, higher taxes with regard to properties, higher food prices, not being able to travel without certain requirements, “rules” before entering a restaurant, not being able to choose your own form of money.

To just name a few..

And these examples are already going on in real time. We also have the upcoming “ideas” that hang over our heads like personal CO2 budget, centrally controlled & programmable money (CBDC’s), social credit score systems, a “shared economy” where you are not allowed to own your own car anymore, potential flight restrictions, etc.

This list goes on and on. This narrative that is flying around everywhere that humans are polluters and that we are (intrinsically) bad for this world is really stubborn, alarming & worrisome.

People who truly believe this are nothing more the self-destructive. Besides that, it’s wrong and only one side of the story at best. Either way, we shouldn’t listen to that nonsense and start paying attention to why it is we believe that and who is eventually benefitting from that narrative.

Exactly. The ones who have convinced you to transfer them money (through taxes & inflation) so that they can “fix our climate”. Once they have a strong enough narrative so that you even start to question your own existence and that we might all die soon, we probably want to pay them to make that go away.

Inflation? Fine, if that is what it takes!
Higher taxes? Fine, if that is what is takes!
Less freedom? FINE, if that is what it takes!!

Take it all away! As long as you save me from this upcoming disaster..

Ehum, you see where I’m going with this? This is unnecessary. Bitcoin fixes this. Bitcoin IS freedom, by its definition.

• Because how can they inflate your Bitcoin whereas Bitcoin is outside the current financial system and nobody can manipulate the maximum supply?
• How can they prevent you from spending your Bitcoin?
• How can they prevent you from safely storing your Bitcoin in cold storage (hardware wallet)?
• How can they take away your freedom if they can not take away your money?
• If they can’t prevent you from taking your funds & capital with you to another country?
• How can they censor you if you are active on decentralized media (NOSTR) where payments are done via a decentralized payment network (lightning network on Bitcoin)

They can’t.
Bitcoin is freedom

Think about it.

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