To most, Bitcoin is nothing more than a speculative technological asset of which you can decide to invest in. Well, invest, some of the more traditional investors would call it “speculate” or even “gamble” since they feel that this “speculative risky asset” only brings you something if some “weirdo” comes along and pays more for it than you did when you bought it.

Somehow most try to view it as a company, stock or physical element because, since they don’t “know” it, they have to compare it to something they do know in order to make sense out of it.

They will all yell in unison “Bitcoin has no intrinsic value” and believe they are on the right side of history and leave it at that.

Done case.

But, just like most people did not understand the internet & its potential impact back in 1995, nowadays people have no clue about what Bitcoin is and can do for the world. Remember, the majority even believed internet was a “scam”, “only for criminals or pornlovers” and/or “useless for real life & in business”.

Because it is a technology, a new one.
A brand new invention that solves so many problems that we have today of which the human brain can not even grasp the potential value in the future..
Simply because how it could exponentially grow thanks to all the additional layers/applications that are going to be build on top of it.

Again, just like with internet.

In and of itself, the internet is nothing more than some kind of network of networks in which you can communicate with each other through certain channels.

It were the applications (E-mail, Facebook, Google, Amazone, Apple) that made it “tangible” and really “explode”.

Is the internet a risky asset?
Does the internet have “intrinsic value”?

For now, we don’t have to make it much harder than this.

If the internet adds enormous value to the world because it is a network of networks that makes sure we can communicate with each other on a way faster & cheaper way than before..

Could it be that Bitcoin, which is a network of networks that makes sure we can transfer monetary energy (a.k.a. money or value) to one another on a way faster, cheaper & safer way, also adds enormous value?

Think about it. I hope this helps 🙂
See you in two weeks where we continu on our Bitcoin journey (Part 2.)

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