Recession or depression?

If you are into the financial world, you probably have already noticed. Everyone is talking about it. The upcoming crisis..
Are we heading towards a recession or even a depression?
Let me tell you right here & now, nobody knows exactly what is going to happen. Why? Because the global economy is depending on so many different variables and decisions that still have to be made, that we have to wait and see how bad it is actually going to be.

But what we do know is that the state of the global economy is very reliant on “money creation” by the central banks. Especially the big one (the Federal Reserve of the USA).

The whole world, almost every nation, business and human being on earth, is indebted. So, when central banks decide to start to tighten their monetary policy (because of inflation) suddenly there isn’t enough money anymore for everyone to pay off their debts.

When and/or if this game of musical chairs is going to stop, you need to be prepared so that this changed environment will hurt you as little as possible or even, you can benefit from it.

So, in short, here are the 3 things to weather the upcoming economic storm..

1. Invest in yourself like you never have before

There are 3 resources you can use to invest in yourself. You don’t need them all at once. So you don’t have any excuses. I’m talking about these 3 things:

1. Time
2. Energy
3. Money

Here is a personal example: since I’m currently living in Dominican Republic next to a surfspot, I decided to invest time & energy in surfing which led me to invest some money, time & energy to become a surf trainer as well. Now I have additional skills to make money in the future next to me being a investor and community builder. Don’t underestimate how much you can learn without any money, almost everything is free on the internet. The last 3-5 years when I was becoming an economic expert, I did at least the first two years purely on time & energy, until I made more money and could invest money as well to level up big time.

2. Become as self-sovereign as humanly possible

This might be a little harder, but not impossible. Self sovereign means that you are 100% independent. So, not depending on your boss, job, government, environment or anything else for that matter. I don’t think you will need all this, but it is a great exercise to feel forever “in control”

You will have to make sure that you can do these things on your own;

• Make money
• Store wealth outside the traditional banking system
• Be & stay healthy
• Acces to food & water
• Defend yourself & your family
• Speak multiple languages
• Bonus – Location independent

It may seem a lot at first and it’s probably not necessary all at once. But if the world, by any chance, get more dark due to a global war, some might turn out to be very handy.

3. Don’t make a global crisis “your” crisis

And I’m talking about mindset here. You know, the endless chatter in your brain that is supposed to help you enjoy life. Right? Well, let me tell you, it actually is possible to create a mindset that is supporting instead of destructive. It all starts with what you are consciously telling yourself all the time.

You can change this. And when you have changed this, it will become part of your subconscious narratives. In other words, start by writing your own story for a change. That probably comes down to;

• Don’t watch the (MSM) news
• Surround yourself with positive & entrepreneurial people
• Literally write down your own actions, goals & vision you want to create
• Sell to people who still have money

Keep working, keep pushing & you will make it through.

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