Why “during a crisis”?

Well, if we are not in one already (globally), then we will probably be in one soon. If you don’t see this coming you haven’t been paying attention to everything that is happening around the world. From “pandemic” to “climate crisis”, from “energy crisis” to “food crisis” and from “currency wars” to “trade wars”.
All this, eventually resulting (highly probable) in physical wars. And, as we all know, there is one currently going on already (Russia/Ukraine)..

So yeah, that’s why I think it is very useful to talk about how to weather the storm in a crisis like this. I believe, that if we keep communicating with each other and, at the same time, keep focusing on solutions for ourselves and our planet, we all can make it.

So, let’s dive in, shall we 🙂

1. Turn off the (mainstream media) news

At this point, it is pretty simple. Either you are constantly listening to mainstream media (which would make you misinformed), or you are mainly listening to sources you found on your own (which makes you partially informed at best but highly probable misinformed as well).

In both cases, it will give you a certain degree of anxiety and/or unhappiness. All media sort of wants the same thing, to shock you as much as needed to keep your attention. Not to tell the truth or inform you in the best way possible. In the case of MSM you have this extra argument that they are obligated to push a certain narrative (aka propaganda) in order to prevent you from critical thinking or to let you do what is good for the government but not necessarily for you. The scarier you are, the less your mind is able to produce rational & critical thoughts.

The best thing you can do is turn off the news as much as possible so that you can produce and/or create any thoughts of your own that keep you connected and make you happy.

(Credit photo: Max Gustafson | www.maxgustafson.com)

2. Stop worrying about things you can’t control

This one is not that difficult to grasp in theory, but in practice it’s clearly different. The more time you spend on things outside your control, the less time you have for things you do control. Start tomorrow by creating a list of things that you have been worrying about that you can not influence. Then, after you’re done, physically throw the paper away after you have crossed them out one by one.

(Credits photo: Visually Wise | @visuallywise)

Now, make a short list for the things that are important to you that are within your circle of influence and that are contributing to a better life for you. Work on this list relentlessly and stop worrying about the things you can’t control.

3. Find a new activity/hobby you feel very passionate about or double down on the one you already have

We spend way too much time on things we don’t like to do. Why is this? Why do we get so distracted in life for us to do so much stuff that does not make us happy. You should use this crisis to chose “you” more often. Like I said in the previous point, you don’t have control over how people in power rule the world and make your money worth less or if they destroy the economy (on purpose) all together what might destroy your career opportunities. We do have the power over our time and make it worth our while. Find this passion and spend time on it as much as possible.

4. Use this period to reflect and (re-)connect with who you truly are

(Credits photo: Succespictures Blueman Family @bluemanfamily)

The number one thing we should do while living is find out who we truly are. Not that “image” we try to be because we think being this person will make us happy. No, the real you. The work we do at Awake Origins is exactly that. Help you to become who you truly are. Maybe it sounds a bit “floaty”, but it isn’t. It is actually super practical and rational. Whenever there is too much chaos & noise around you, seek for that stillness within in order to really start feeling who you are.

This will help you find clarity and purpose which will bring you in a state of flow like you have never experienced before. So, in a sense, you can even be grateful for this crisis so that you can reflect and (re-)connect with who you truly are.

5. Become financially educated

This is probably the most practical one for many, and just like point 4, in 99% of the time completely misunderstood. You can not become financially educated by going to school, they won’t teach you what you need to know. Why not? Because it is not in their best interest if thousands of kids around the world start to question the current financial system. This system is flawed and, most likely, you are a victim of this system in many ways. Once you become financially educated in a way that you truly understand how the system works, what money actually is and how to benefit from situations like this, you become untouchable. Every month, we do a free training for everyone who wants to learn more about this thing, you can sign up here (100% free).

Bringing it all together..

As you can see, these things are ALL within your circle of influence. You CAN change all these things, even during a crisis. Especially if you start on time before something “bad” might happen to you as a consequence of the current global situation where we are in.

In that sense, you don’t have time to waste. It’s probably better if you take action now.