Short statement to begin with…

So it is clear to me that most people don’t know yet what Bitcoin actually is. Because, if they would have known already, a lot more people would have already been saving in Bitcoin or at least have a unique private wallet address and stored some Bitcoin in it.

You read this correctly.
I really believe that everyone who actually has taken the time to study Bitcoin indeed wants to own some of it, and probably more, right away…

It is not really a discussion to be honest. 99 % are simply facts. It just is a better form of money than all its competitors out there right now because of multiple reasons. We just don’t see it yet, just like we all did not understand how mobile phones would enrich our lives for the better until we, well, actually experienced it…

Just take a look at this easy to understand schedule where you can find all the characteristics money should have to be functional “as money” and how high Bitcoin scores relatively to Gold & Fiat currencies (two other forms of money);

(Source chart: The bullish case for Bitcoin – Vijay Boyapati)

So, with this leading information about why Bitcoin is a better form of money than the most suitable existing competitors, let’s first take a look at what Bitcoin is (definitely) not..


What Bitcoin is (definitely) not

I’m going to keep this simple because, like I said before, it is not really a discussion because it is factual clear that Bitcoin is not those things and has never aspired to be those things..

Bitcoin is not…

• A company
• A stock
• The same as “Crypto”
• A digital bank
• A Ponzi scheme
• A pyramid scheme or susceptible for “the greater fool theory”
• A digital network for criminals and money launderers
• Unsafe
• Weird internet money

Bitcoin has no

• Ceo or any other central authority that makes decisions
• Marketing department
• Physical office
• Owner
• One or multiple shareholders
• Secrets

Bitcoin does or will not

Use too much energy
Debase its own currency
Be replaced
Be hacked or changed in any negative way

So, with those facts out of the way (of which I’ll be happy to discuss whenever you want if you have an open mind about Bitcoin to begin with), I think it’s truly important what Bitcoin is (and can be) for you and me..


What Bitcoin truly is…

Bitcoin is a new form of money.

A new form of HARD money.

Hard to create (unlike fiat currencies).
Easy to use (unlike gold & even more easy than fiat currencies).
Impossible to destroy, hack, confiscate or exclude (unlike fiat currencies & gold).

It’s faster, cheaper, safer and so, better money than you have ever seen.

(Source chart: @anilsaidso)

But wait, there is more..!!

The reason why Bitcoin is so difficult to understand, comprehend & grasp for most of us is because it doesn’t fit the existing narratives, in the existing paradigm’s…

Because next to “just money”…
Bitcoin is also a global network, a software, a commodity and a store of value.

In fact
Bitcoin is a decentralized global monetary network, that uses a digital immutable public ledger on which all the transactions that have ever been made are visible, for everyone to see, check and follow.

You can store “economic energy” in it (store of value), anyone can send this economic energy to everyone all over the world for practically no costs (payment rail & money), it’s not “from anybody” and it is “for anybody to use” (a commodity) and it’s all digitally created in cyberspace connected to all its users, miners, nodes and developers (which makes it a network and a software).


But how? Well, thanks to the nodes, miners, developers and all its users..

Thanks to nodes, all the ten thousands of computers all around the world that run the Bitcoin software on their computers, this monetary network will be kept safe & secure 24/7 in a fully decentralized manner.

Thanks to the millions of miners, all the hardware machines that proof that they have done the hard work in order to compete with each other for creating new blocks (that include all the transactions) in return for some Bitcoin (this is “the block reward”), it is really hard & difficult to create new Bitcoin and, together with the code, keeps this monetary system deflationary, again, in a fully decentralized manner.

(Source chart: – what is a Bitcoin node)

Thanks to the global adoption of users, all the people all over the world who own and transact in Bitcoin because they already see the importance of a monetary unit/system that isn’t controlled by governments and central banks and that it is simply a better form of money because of its characteristics, the network grows exponentially just like the internet did in the late nineties. The bigger the network, the stronger and more valuable (Metcalf’s law)

Thanks to the Bitcoin Core Developers, all the developers who constantly work on the Bitcoin protocol to keep improving it when & where possible and if necessary, we keep having a top quality protocol, again, organized in a fully decentralized manner thanks to the way is has been set up during Bitcoin’s inception.

This unstoppable force will make the world a far better place than it is now.


How does Bitcoin make the world a better place?

This is actually a topic for another time. A separate blog because this, of course, is not factual and always up for debate.

But what I will say is this..

Bitcoin does not discriminate.
Bitcoin does not exclude.
Bitcoin is impossible to confiscate.
Bitcoin can not be debased or devalued.

Bitcoin is for everyone.

I mean, what is not to like?
How is this not going to change the world for the better?

There will only ever be, 21 million bitcoins in the world. For everyone to buy, because no one can be excluded. No government in this world, can confiscate your Bitcoin once you have it in your own custody. Or exclude you from this network…

The 2 billion people around the world who are currently unbanked (excluded from the current financial system), can all participate…

They only need a smartphone and an internet connection and then they can participate in this global monetary system to exchange economic value to anyone and anywhere.

Can you imagine the opportunities for so many people around the world..?

Can you imagine a money that is not controlled by people who use it for more power, war & coercion..?


These simple facts, really CAN change the world for the better..