This is hard for most to understand, because who gets to decide what is money?

For everyone alive today, the answer to this question is “the government”. The strongest entity, within certain boarders, who is in control of the guns & military decides what is money and we, the public, all willfully accept..

So, without knowing the full history of money and why/how it got invented, we believe that things are only money if our government says so.

But is this really true?

I mean, is your house “money”?
Your watch?
Your car?
Your skills?
Your scarce paintings?
Your gold & jewelry?
Your business?
Your contracts?

You get the point. In the end, everything of any value to us, is a form of money. Money is nothing more than a medium of exchange. A medium, an unit, where we temporarily store our wealth or economic output in.

Money is “stored energy”. We have worked for and created added value to the world that together produced energy. This “energy” needs to be “captured” in a “medium” so that we can use/spend it later whenever we need it.

As humans, we have the tendency to move towards the “money” that is the best in holding its value over time & through space. After all, isn’t it unfair if we work hard and some time later it suddenly is worth less than before? Or if it is worth less somewhere else in the world?

Think about it, we store our “wealth” (also known as “economic output”) in media of which we trust it will be worth at least the same, preferably more, in the future and all over the world.

In reality this means bankaccounts, houses, cash in socks, collectibles, watches, paintings etc.

But “money” as a “medium” needs to be able to move too. You can not move it quickly when it is stored in all that stuff.

You want money to be transportable, safe, secure, divisible, scarce, easily verifiable, censorship resistant and to be accepted as money everywhere.

Bitcoin is this new form. Since it is structured 100% decentralized & with a maximum supply, no one is able to manipulate it and it’s next to impossible to attack.

You can transfer money (Bitcoins or parts of it) to anyone all over the world with a Bitcoin wallet for practically no cost, at the speed of light, without the use of a middleman. This means, anyone, even the 2 billion (!) unbanked individuals who are now, as we speak, aggressively adopting Bitcoin to become part of the global economy.

In the end, money is a medium that we value. Where we, the people, want to store our economic output in because of its characteristics.

Bitcoin is the future of money where internet was the future for information. See you in two weeks!

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