So yeah, last week we discussed that Bitcoin is a new form of money. So, 1 Bitcoin is worth some amount of value that is totally dependent on supply & demand on a certain time. A true free market principle.

Can it go down in value? Of course!
Can it go up in value? Of course!
Can it be manipulated like fiat currencies? No, never.

So, the price is completely dependent on the fact if people want it or not. Just like how it supposed to be with any other commodity or any other product for that matter.

When a lot of people want to buy Bitcoin (demand up), the price will go up since the supply is hard capped at a maximum of 21 million.

When a lot of people want to sell their Bitcoin (demand down), the price will go down since the supply is, again, exactly the same.

No surprises. No “price controls”. No sudden more supply. No manipulation.

So, there is no central authority that “controls” the total supply or can make decisions to “change the code”. This is the big difference relatively to other “crypto’s” but also to the legacy system as we know it.

All the currencies that you know, doesn’t matter if we talk about traditional currencies (like the dollar, euro or yen) or about crypto currencies (like Ethereum, XRP & Cardano), are being manipulated by “central planners”.

It is structured in a way that a small group of people can change the rules…

There is some kind of central authority (central banks in the case of national currencies and the founders/foundation of the crypto company in case of crypto currencies) that can decide to change course and/or manipulate the total supply.

That doesn’t mean that they are useless. It just means that they aren’t a good & trustworthy form of money.

Remember, if they can change the supply, they can change the value per unit. Meaning, a central authority has, in definition, control over the value of your money.

Now, do you want that?

Or do you choose to have control over your money that is safely secured in a decentralized, peer to peer, global network..?

Think about it! See you next week 🙂

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