Especially online, but also in the real world, you notice more and more polarization all around you. Things are really heating up and people/countries with different points of view seem to lose patience with one another. This leads to them not getting along with each other anymore.

I get that.

The moment you start discussing sensitive subjects like gender, religion, climate, food, farmland & war, it is going to be difficult to not get emotional.

A lot of people feel strongly about certain topics which mostly makes them inaccessible to people with different core values, views and visions.

But, how did we get here?

Do you actually believe that you have created all these opinions about these topics on your own? Like, are you born with these world views? Do you actually know where they are coming from? Or did they just showed up recently?

It strikes me that every time I ask people questions like these that they actually believe these are opinions of their own. Except for, they are not.

We have to reflect on this…

Because it seems to me that we have to seriously doubt ourselves a bit more and ask ourselves “How did we get here?”

99,9 % of all the topics we are discussing right now are topics created by the media. Without the media, we wouldn’t be discussing the answer to the question “What is a woman?”. Maybe some individuals somewhere around would find it amusing to philosophize about this topic but most people actually have better things to do.

For example, to just enjoy life or work on something that’s more aligned with their purpose.

So, again, where are all these topics coming from? Why are we all keep talking about them constantly? Are these “problems” even real? What if the media stops “sharing” these topics all together, would it even be an issue?

Who knows…

But what we do know is that there is a gigantic financial incentive structure to create narratives to manipulate people into doing what is best for their leaders. In the end, it is ALL about money & power, it always has been. Countries & people in control of the “money printer” need narratives to stay in power & control.

Just like the opposition needs narratives to remove the current powers. These narratives find its origins in the incentive structures which find its origins in the manipulation of money.

Bitcoin fixes this.
Bitcoin does not discriminate. Everyone, all over the world, can use it. Even someone you hate.
Bitcoin does not exclude. Everyone, all over the world, can create a wallet and transfer money.

And war? Let countries try to fight a war without being able to print money to finance the war.

Let them try to pay for this with Bitcoin, something they can’t print extra. By definition, they will make someone else richer if they would do that. Unlike now, where they can print forever to destroy other countries.

Think about it 🙂 See you next month

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