Just like a kid..

To everyone who is already “into Bitcoin” it’s rather easy, they have done the work that is required to actually understand the various parts of this decentralized digital organism. What I also mean by that is that they probably did lots of research already which led them to understand the importance of lowering your time preference. We don’t need, nor do we want, Bitcoin to be at its best now (instant gratification). We need it to be at max strength when the world is ready for it. When the world is screaming for it.

Bitcoin is an asset of only 13 years old at the time of writing. Just like any other human being of just 13 years old, no one exactly knows where this person eventually grows into or what he/she will become. But you can already tell if this person is talented or what their core values or gifts are. I mean, would you dismiss a 13 year old Laura Pausini for singing some false notes? Or maybe dismiss a 13 year old Christiano Ronaldo for not passing the ball to a team mate who was better positioned in front of the goal? Or a 13 year old Picasso for messing up a painting?

Of course not.
At least, I hope you don’t..

No historical precedence and no one out there to predict the future.

Although we don’t have lots of credible historical precedence, we do have some basic & core fundamentals that tell us something. What Bitcoin now needs is time to prove itself so that the world can see, first handedly, its use cases & value proposition. It’s almost no use for arguing to/with anybody about this since:

– We don’t have much history to prove/dismiss a point
– Nobody can predict the future

However, we can have an open debate with one another. Also, we can “logically” try to figure out what is going on right now and, above all, why..
Then, it probably is a lot easier for everyone to figure out for themselves if Bitcoin could play a role in that (assuming they have an open mind and want to put some time in studying it).

Thought 1

The world is currently in a bad place, mostly due to financial incentives (fact). So why trying our best to defend the current global financial system?

To be honest, you don’t have to be a brainiac to notice the current problems in the world. Let me sum up here:

– High levels of inflation
– High levels of public & sovereign debt
– Lots of social unrest, globally
– Very high wealth inequality
– War
– Deglobalization & countries in “protection mode”
– Lots of propaganda to push narratives (war, gender, climate, C, etc)

If you research all current problems, you will end up at the global financial system every-single-time.

Thought 1

“Show me the incentive, I’ll show you the outcome..”
All behavior is a direct consequence of our “global incentive”, also knowns as, money. In other words, if you want to fix these problems, you should probably start at “fixing money”.

A monetary system that requires theft (the hidden tax called “inflation”) in order to keep functioning, automatically rewards & stimulates theft in the form of corruption. We already know, by simply studying some basic human psychology, that power corrupts.

So why the hell give some one, or one country, all the power by being in control of the global money supply? Why do that if we know that, by definition, it already corrupts if one party has so much power AND the whole financial system requires theft in order to keep functioning in the first place?

Think about that, and tell me again that we don’t need a form of “trustless” money..

Thought 2

Human nature causes exclusion, discrimination & censorship. So, doesn’t it make sense to remove human nature from our money?

To me, this thought is clear as day. But I can understand that if you haven’t study Bitcoin yet that you don’t think of Bitcoin as a solution to these problems. The funny thing is, in my opinion, that all the “good” AND all the “bad” in this world comes from humans. We are perfect & imperfect at the same time, and that’s OKAY.

However, we simply can not have “human nature” with regard to our money. Everyone, globally, should have the same:

– Rights
– Possibilities
– Accessibilities
– Etc.

It’s not that difficult. No person or country should be able to decide who has acces to money or to credit. Nor should a person or country be able to decide if another person and/or country can participate in the global economy. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

Thought 2

People, currently in power, think/believe they have the right to exclude others from the monetary system. Also, they believe they have the right to confiscate capital because they “don’t play by the rules that this power has set”. That’s weird.

Remove human nature from money means a decentralized form of money that has no central authority. No one or single authority “controls” bitcoin.

Nobody controls the supply and no single authority controls the network. In other words, it is accessible to anyone in the world. How’s about that with regard to “level the playing field”?

Thought 3

Bitcoin already proved itself within countries where hyper- and high inflation occurred, why dismiss it when your own country is likely to follow suit?

Seriously, at this point, it does not matter in which country you live since basically all countries are currently suffering of too high levels of inflation. And if you think this is “only temporarily”, think again..

The only thing you have to understand to find out if it is, or isn’t temporarily, is that this system NEEDS inflation in order to function. It constantly needs new money creation in order to keep paying for the high levels of debt underneath the current financial system. In other words, if you learn that the levels of debt are unsustainably high (fact), you already KNOW that they need to start printing money at some point in order to finance that debt.

Thought 3

It truly is basic math. Now, the fact that people in countries who are already further into that “inflationary cycle” or “debt doom loop process” are already using Bitcoin in order to keep functioning has to tell you something..

They use Bitcoin to prevent their purchasing power from diminishing. To keep doing business in a currency that holds value through time & space. To save wealth..

These people learned the hard way.

That they can’t trust their government to issue a trustworthy form of money. That, in the end, all fiat currencies are trending towards zero (value) since there is nothing backing the money supply and the issuance of this supply is corrupted. Governments can simply just print it, without doing any work for it.

So, instead of dismissing something that already saves hundreds of thousands of lives, perhaps be open to the possibility it could end up meaning the same for you.

Bringing it all together

It never is a good things to be close-minded to something new.
Yes, of course, it can be scary.
Also, it requires time & energy to dive deeper into something new. Time & energy that we mostly do not have. I understand..

But don’t dismiss something before you studied it. At least be open, or neutral.
Since, it can very well end up being the exact thing the world needs to level up.

And I mean that in a very, very, big way.

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