Before you start to invest anything in the “crypto space”, our opinion is that you need to first invest time & energy to understand what it is all about. Because, Bitcoin is NOT crypto and crypto is NOT Bitcoin. Bitcoin plays at a league of its own and therefore you have to learn to be able to understand the difference.

To be clear, we don’t give investment advice! We are no financial advisors but are Bitcoin & crypto experts. We are here to help you learn. So this training, just like our paid community, is for educational and amusement purposes only 🙂

The why behind Bitcoin is way different than the why behind crypto. So we decided to do a free training for everyone so they can learn the basics of why we need Bitcoin so that we eventually also can understand why there is crypto. We did the training live for 50 subscribers but because something went wrong with the recordings I decided to do it all over again for everyone who couldn’t make it (in time) and for everyone who did attend to watch it all over again.

Again, like I said during the training, don’t feel overwhelmed. Just let this be the beginning of your journey to wake up and educate yourself about the flaws of the current financial system and why we are in desperate need of a new, more fair, system that can solve a lot of problems. Eventually you will get more natively digital 🙂

Klik this link to watch the whole training! Enjoy!!: <link>


00:00 introduction Marc van Versendaal
08:00 Start presentation
10:00 What is money?
11:00 History of different forms of money
15:10 Definition of Money
16:12 History of global reserve currencies
18:30 First actual example of inflation (theft)
21:18 How inflation ended the BP as GRC
22:45 Debt relatively to GDP in the UK (1920/1945)
25:00 Debt relatively to GDP in USA now…
28:35 Mass inflation?? The FED…
34:10 They have always lied to you (chart)
40:20 What is HARD money???
43:00 What did GOLD during (hyper)inflation?
50:00 Russia & China buying gold?!
52:00 What is Bitcoin
60:00 No inflation, but deflation in BTC
63:44 Characteristics of BTC/Gold/Fiat
70:10 Adoption curve BTC
83:15 What is Crypto/Web3.0
97:20 Adoption curve crypto vs internet
98:34 Investing in BTC/Crypto
102:00 Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
106:35 How to start?
108:50 JOIN our community!!
111:37 Special offer if you decide this week!