An open mind

As with everything in life, you can not actually grow without an open mind. Yeah, of course, you can “listen” to new stuff even though you have already made up your mind about a certain topic, but it will never truly enrich you.

You might consciously say to yourself that you are open to change, but subconsciously you have already decided to forever stay the same. New things are scary, old things are save.

This mindset will never help you grow since you have already decided that you know “the truth”. Since you have spent your whole life looking for evidence and confirmation, again subconsciously, for this specific narrative about who you are, what your values are and what, someone like you, actually thinks and believes that there is no way that a “new piece of information” can literally “debunk” everything you have ever believed to be true.

So why do so little people have an open mind?

To be honest, there aren’t so many people that truly have an open mind if they hear about something for the first time (me included). For me, having studied psychology for so long, this doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Our whole identity is completely attached to the whole narrative that we have believed all our lives that if, every once in a while, something news comes along that challenges that narrative, we are subconsciously afraid we will lose our identity and everything we have stand for.

It makes us “inconsistent”, “unsteady” and sometimes even a “hypocrite” to others.

Why? Well, because someone with an open mind changes his/her mind more often than the majority of people.

My friends have called me a hypocrite more often than not simply because I had changed my mind about a certain topic.

They call it “hypocrite”, I call it “growth”.

(remember, because you have an open mind you will draw the conclusion more often that you were wrong or did not have enough information at first when your were stating your opinion)

The fact of the matter is, people can’t stand change. They hate it. They hate it for themselves and they hate it when you change. Because when you change, that means they have to as well in order to be with you, keep up with you or simply understand and/or follow you, but they can’t. Because they are stuck to their identity, and therefore to their narrative and their opinions.

So most people just go for the easy way out. Just cancel the whole damn thing before it even has a chance to change our mind.

“The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know – the less you know, the more you think you know” – David T. Freeman

Thinking about this beautiful quote led me to realize that I don’t know much relatively to how much there is to know. Thinking about this quote also led me to realize that it has no use debating with people who never actually study a topic before stating their opinions about it.

They have already made up their minds and therefore will probably need some kind of necessity happen to him/her before they are open to change.

Therefore, in order to create change you need to be brave.
You need to be courageous.

You need to find the power within in order to have an open mind and actually stand for change.

Because the world needs to change. The world needs people who do not let themselves down by others who are afraid.

The world needs people who dare to be open, to be different…

The world needs Bitcoin…


Bitcoin is the open mind in this case.

Bitcoin dares to be different and does not care what the current (aka old) system thinks of it. It continues anyway and, literally, has no time for naysayers but just keeps on proving its value for everyone who does have an open mind.

It has room for everyone who wants to learn, and even stays always open for the rest. Because it does not discriminate. Even if you are late, slow or even hateful against it, it will always welcome you with open arms.

Bitcoin is everything we currently don’t have.

Bitcoin is honest.
Bitcoin is safe.
Bitcoin can not be manipulated.
Bitcoin can not be controlled.
Bitcoin does not have a central authority.
Bitcoin doesn’t have preferences.
Bitcoin is efficient (yes, even energy-wise).

Bitcoin is for everyone.

In order for you to actually understand what Bitcoin is and how it can change the world, you really need an open mind.

Because this whole story around the current financial system, governments, central banks and the global economy is not what you think it is.

And since you are part of this system in one way or the other, you are part of the problems we currently experiencing…

All the hunger, dishonesty, unfairness, poorness, inequality…

It’s all you.
All us I would say.

Us accepting these things as “facts” all the while we are empowered to change this if we really want.

And that hurts. But, it is the truth.

And now, thanks to Bitcoin, we finally have a vehicle to change this. To opt out. To actually create a new system and therefore a new world that is more fair, honest and open.

And I can tell you all about it, but you first need to open your mind about the possibility that this is actual possible and that you DO have the power to help the world to change.

Now, will you?